A New Home

Hello lovelies.

Two years ago, I found myself in the following situation: living alone with a mean orange cat in a charming (real estate talk for tiny) apartment in Saint Paul, MN having been laid off from my only “real job” which hadn’t even included benefits during the year and a half I had been there. I was convinced that I could market myself better if I created myself a website to market myself, using my name as the url. So I did. But I never really built it up to what it needed to be to really work (effectively not marketing myself at all), and then I got a job anyway and ignored all of it except the blogging part, which I love to do. I kept using it anyway because it was easy (and expensive), but now my name has changed, so the url is sort of useless, and my money could be better spent on more lovely things like running shoes and bike stuff and expensive coffees and sprinkle donuts.

So now, I have moved here. Hopefully soon I will get all my old content imported into this blog so you can still enjoy race recaps, Wedding Wednesdays, and the annual reverb project (which is, of course, starting in only 2 days– so maybe this was a terrible time to move my blog? Ah well.).

I hope you keep reading and enjoying the mostly vanilla content I share with you.

Xs and Os,




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