Reverb 13: A Yearly Blogging Project

In 2010, I joined a little blogging movement called Reverb, in which bloggers from around the world answered a prompt every day in the month of December. The prompts are meant for writers to reflect on the year that is coming to a close and dream/plan/project for the year to come.

When I heard about Reverb that first year, I thought it was such perfect timing for me to take a month to really reflect on the year that had happened– a big year in many ways, and the wake had left me feeling in the grips of what felt like a “great transition.” I had finished my graduate studies, had gotten an almost real job, had foolishly fallen in love and then out, moved into my sister’s basement, and had first started poking at and playing with the idea of running a marathon like it was a fresh lump of untouched PlayDoh. You can read my Reverb10 posts here.

When December 2011 rolled around, I said, “Oh no. I was wrong last year. This is the year I could really use some dedicated time to reflect.” As the clock literally struck midnight and we rang in 2011 with champagne in a second floor Uptown apartment, I was completely unaware that I was falling in love and that a simple, thoughtful text message 2 days later would likely change the trajectory of my life forever. I had worked passionately with victims of a local disaster only to lose my job 5 months later due to budget cuts. I had my first sip of true wilderness and have wanted to keep drinking from that cup since. I completed my first (and so far only) marathon battered but not broken. You can read my Reverb11 posts here.

On December 1, 2012, I started writing the first post of Reverb12 realizing that 2012 had been The Year and Reverb was going to be vitally important to putting it all together; more than any other year before. Sensing a pattern yet? Ha. I had started the year miserable and unemployed, grasping desperately to the few things that were bringing me joy and trying not to poison them with the hopelessness I was feeling. By the time I reached December, I had gotten a full time job (with benefits!) for an organization I adored and doing work I was passionate about, I was engaged, a homeowner, a dog owner. I thought life could get no better. You can read my Reverb12 posts here.

So here we are. A mere 12 hours from December 1, 2013. I will again be participating in reverb, getting prompts from Project Reverb. And, of course, I am feeling like this is the Most Important Year for Reflection, though the trend perhaps suggests I could benefit from a little year-end reflection every year, whether or not it is always through blogging. I am so looking forward to sharing my thoughts on the year here and looking forward to 2014. I hope you will read along, blog along, journal along, or find another way to reflect on the year you’ve had.

All the love,




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