Reverb 13 | December 8 | Adventure

Adventure | Did you go on an adventure in 2013?  What sort?


This is a picture of my wedding band.

We taking adventuring pretty seriously around these parts.

I was feeling ripe to write you a trite post about how “everything is an adventure!” But really, vacuuming the rug that the cat insists on destroying weekly is not adventurous. It is mind-numbingly ridiculous. But I also couldn’t take a single event from the year and say, “this was more adventurous than that and here’s why.”

That is the downside of these Reverb posts sometimes. You feel like you have to pick the best of the best from the whole year, even if it’s not really being asked of you. And that’s not really fair.

I wanted to write about the Great Adventure Aaron and I are now on as husband and wife, but it really isn’t any greater than the adventure we were on when we knew we would be together a very long time, which honestly isn’t all that different from the adventure we were on when we were just dating. Plus, I think we’ve all read enough about the wedding…

Then I thought about the adventure we took together hiking the Kalalau Trail on our honeymoon, but the idea that there was more adventuring happening in my life that didn’t include trips and expensive gear and so.much.sweat. kept nagging at me.

Obviously, I Googled it. This exact phrase: everything is an adventure.

Mostly what I got was a song called “Everything To Me (Adventure Club Remix)” by a band called Lips. Thanks, Google.

But a little digging lead me to Psychology Today, where the author of the book Adventure in Everything: How the Five Elements of Adventure Create a Life of Authenticity, Matt Walker, breaks adventure down into five elements that can be practiced in physical adventure (read: scary dangerous hiking on the edge of an island in the middle of the Pacific) or in mindful adventure (read: bringing the sense of adventure into your every day by making it a core part of your being). He writes this about adventure:

Adventure is high endeavor. It is the ability to think big and think bigger about who you are, how you live, and what you can do in the world.

Adventure is total commitment. It is the spirit of willingness to embrace challenge and move toward success. It is the acknowledgement that total commitment does not mean blind faith or brazen disregard, but it is confidence and belief in the face of challenge.

Adventure has an uncertain outcome. A predetermined outcome is not an adventure but a packaged experience or amusement ride. Life is uncertain – get comfortable with it! It is the acknowledgement that there will be adversity and unease, but that an uncertain outcome is a gift of possibility.

Adventure is tolerance for adversity. It is our ability to be resilient in the face of challenge. Our willingness to laugh, use humor, and grace during difficult situations. The opportunity we each face to take a step back and acknowledge the sometimes absurd aspects of being human, embrace it, and continue on.

Adventure is great companionship. While our lives can sometimes feel solitary, we can’t do it alone. It takes a team to support living in commitment, joy, generosity, and gratitude.

According to this, I am adventuring every day. I bet you are probably adventuring every day. And if you’re not, you’re probably wishing you were, because these are great things to live by.

Reading this was a good reminder why we chose to inscribe “Adventure” on our wedding bands. It wasn’t simply because we want to hike dangerous hikes or bike 2700 miles down the Continental Divide; it was because we never want to lose our sense of things exactly like Walkers five elements of adventure. We are committed to better understanding ourselves and our place in the world through new experiences and challenges– some of which happen on the bike trail and some of which happen right here at home.

Everything is an adventure.


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