Reverb 13 | December 10 | Inspire

Inspiration: What inspired you this year?  How do you think this will impact the year to come?

2013 was kind of an “aha!” year. Maybe, when I finally had a chance to feel like I wasn’t bouncing from one crisis to another, I could just sit and listen to the life before me.

At my rehearsal dinner, I gave a gift to my mom. A simple way to say a very complicated message: You taught me to be a smart woman. You married a loving man who respected you, and together you raised strong women. You were my first example of a wife. You were the mother to me that I hope to be to my own kids someday.

And at the moment where I was trying to impart all of this through a gift, she said something that has had an incredible impact on me for the last two months. As we sat in my dining room, friends and family literally filling every room in our house, my mom said, “Look at this beautiful world you have created for yourselves. And all these people, they love you so much.”

I do create this world around me. That realization has been incredibly powerful and inspiring. Every day I make a hundred choices that create this world. Will I sleep in and have to rush out the door, which puts me in a bad mood or makes me late for work? Will I take 2 minutes in the morning to tell the dog that he’s a good dog? How will I spend my time at work? Do I make things better or more difficult for the people I work with? Do I make things better or more difficult for Aaron? Do I volunteer my time and talents?

I hope that for the rest of this year, particular with the sometimes hectic schedule of the holidays, and into next year I can continue to be both humbled and inspired by the understanding that I am creating this world.



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