Reverb 13 | December 13 | Favorite Things

Favorite things: Give us a list of your favorite things from 2013.  Could be material items, food, people, anything!

The fleece headband that Twin Cities in Motion included in runners’ goody bags for the 2012 marathon and 10 mile. I seriously wear that thing ALL winter long. I have tried other headbands, but nothing comes close. The only pic of it I have is in action on its very first run– the 2012 10 Mile!


The Salsa Cycles Fargo Ti. This bike and I roll well together.

bike camping_events

Stridebox. For a subscription fee of $15/month, I get a goody box of running treats mailed to my door step. It usually includes energy chews, gels, or GUs for long workouts, some protein or other nutritional bar, drink mixes, some gear (this month- reflective shoe laces!), and a sticker. It is a fun way to try new things.


The 1-Click to Buy button on the Kindle. I mean, this is sort of a love/hate relationship. I love love love being able to buy a book at the touch of a button and have it immediately available. This is the life of a child in the digital age. However, when I check my bank statements, I sort of hate how easy Amazon has made it for me to buy all those books…

one click

The donuts at A Baker’s Wife. The sprinkles have to be made with crack. I mean, the have to be.


This guy.


And this guy.

basil in the yard

And this guy, too.


This day.

wedding kiss_events

This place.

kalalau sign_places

This place.


Lovely things for you! And you! And you and you and you!


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