Reverb 13 | December 14 | Feast

Feast: What was the best meal you had in 2013?  Was it slurped standing over the kitchen counter?  Was the menu written in a language you understood?  Were you alone?  Or at a table filled with family and friends?

The Lord’s Prayer includes the line, “Give us this day our daily bread.”

Notice that is quite different than “Give me this day my daily bread.”

I have long felt that there is something very special about breaking bread with others. And particularly being invited into someone’s home to share a meal. For many families, for many generations, meal time was family time. So it goes to reason that being invited to someone’s meal feels like an invitation into their family, even if just for an hour or two. I don’t think we take enough pause to consider how special that is.

There have been a lot of great meals in 2013. Some with beautiful, matching china on decadently decorated tables. Some in quirky and unique restaurants. More than a couple cooked over a camp stove or fire. The best of which have been those shared with friends or families. And when I leave, I often say, “My heart is as full as my belly.”

Our trusty little camp stove. It’s maiden and only voyage… like the Titanic.


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