Reverb 13 | December 18 | Wear It Out

Wear It Out: What piece of clothing did you wear again and again all through out the year?  Why?  Is it all worn out?  Are you going to replace it or keep wearing it?

I am cyclical in my clothing loves. I love something for a month, and then I am sick of wearing it. I will wear the same outfit to work once a week for weeks on end, and suddenly promptly shelve it for several weeks. I have specific outfits that I prefer for specific activities and I rarely allow those to overlap. And generally, I don’t have many items of clothing that are so highly versatile that they can be worn through all the Minnesota seasons (ungodly humid in late summer to ‘frozen boogers’ cold in the winter).

But then there are these.

rastaI bought these Sanuks in July with an REI giftcard I received for my birthday. I was somewhat skeptical of the brand’s claim that these were “not shoes! sandals!” because, uhm, it looks like a shoe.

Well, wrap my little feet in love, and smack me with a soft sole because these are phenomenal. They do have the soft, flexible sole of a sandal but the coverage of a shoe that is lightweight enough that your feet don’t get too hot. What’s worse than hot feet? Nothing.

Generally, I think there is a time and a place for a sandal: the beach, the pool, taking the garbage out, getting the mail. Other than that, I am not a fan of the sandal. At least, specifically, the flip flop. That terrible noise they make?! The ease with which they break?! No bueno. Also, runners can sometimes have ugly feet. Blisters, black toenails, no toenails… things people in the grocery store are not interested in seeing. So these shoes were a summer godsend. Slip on and off? Check. Fit in a gym bag, bike bag, or purse? Check. Can get wet and dry quickly? Check and check.

I am pretty sure I wore them daily through the month of September. I might have even worn them to my wedding rehearsal? The winter has made me transition to the pink Ugg as my slightly-juvenile-but-holy-bananas-these-are-warm footwear choice, so I just wear the silly Sanuks around the house like slippers. So versatile, these shoes.

I have started to wear through them, and they aren’t exactly cheap for a pair of “sandals,” but I feel pretty confident that this pair or another just like it, is going to be featured in my 2014 as well.


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