Reverb 13 | December 20 | Gratitude

Gratitude: How did you show gratitude this year?  How do you want gratitude to play a role in your life in 2014?

I am writing this post in the season in which we are supposed to be most grateful and giving towards one another, and yet I am really feeling just overwhelmed, over-committed, and entirely uninterested. I am feeling burdened, not grateful.

I hate that feeling, because I know better.

I know that the things that bother me the most are borne out of the things I am most grateful for: my relationships with family and friends, my job and career, my home. And further, that those bothers are not generally real problems, and are more situations that I have not yet developed the skills to confront in a positive way.

As I look back on the year and I think about gratitude my mind, of course, tiptoes to the best day of the year my life. Our Wedding Day. Which is a prime example in lapses of gratitude, perhaps, because we have failed to mail yet a single thank you. Shit.

But bigger than that, I hope all of our guests received that day, that celebration as our most honest and sincere way to show gratitude to each of them. I never once went in to planning our wedding thinking that day would be all about us. Sure, our names were on the programs, but it was about everyone else. It was about saying to our wedding party, greeters, and readers that they are our very favorite friends. It was about thanking our family and various communities for lifting us up as individuals and as a couple, for loving us each as one of their own, and for an unspoken commitment to continue to support us.

Miss Manners would be horrified to know how long we have sat on the task of writing these cards (and we WILL get them done), but I hope everyone knows the gratitude I feel already.


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