Reverb 13 | December 22 | Uphill

Uphill: What uphill battle did you keep fighting and fighting in 2013?  Are you going to keep fighting or let it go?  Why?

I’ll never forget the week after our wedding. With our honeymoon to start the following weekend, we both went back to work and rejoined the normal, non-wedding-planning life I had left months earlier. Looking at my calendar for that week was shocking. I had absolutely no plans. The white space on my Google Calendar felt both freeing and terrifying– what was I forgetting?! How could it be possible that there were no plans.

I am a chronic over-scheduler and my uphill battle is finding even a single moment of free time.

Timberwolves games. Happy hours. Dinners out. Dinners in. Book clubs. Workouts. Ski outings. Painting scenery for various church productions. Birthday parties. Concerts. Ice skating. Bike rides.

Not to mention grocery shopping, hair cuts, vet appointments for the pets, laundry.

And the things that get completely neglected, like sweeping and putting the shoes in the hall closet.

Every year I set a similar resolution along the lines of “make more time” or “simplify,” and these resolutions usually give me hope that I will overcome the overscheduling in the next year. But when I look to next week’s calendar, and the midweek change of years, I see… one single night without plans. One night?

Well, maybe I’ll simplify in 2015.


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