Reverb 13 | December 31 | At The Finish

At the finish: What’s next for you?

All of it.

It’s all next for me.

Why are people so afraid to claim things for themselves in the name of a joy-filled and beautiful life?

Well, I am not afraid and you shouldn’t be either. Everything this world has to offer- the good and the ugly- has been laid out before me (and you!) and it is ours if we want it.

The sun shines for me and calls me to play outside with my whole self, unembarrassed and unafraid. The rain falls for me, to nourish the earth where my food grows and feeds, to remind me that quiet days are as fulfilling as exciting ones.

The road has been built and laid out before me so that I may travel to places near and far, so that I may participate in my community, move freely, and share my talents. The obstacles have be placed in my path so I never get too comfortable and never shy from hard work.

These friendships have been delicately placed in my care so that I may ever-practice love and selflessness and know the tender touch of forgiveness when I have erred.

It is all for me.

It has always been so and it has always been good.

All my love to each of you as you celebrate a new year. Whether you are looking for new beginnings, new conclusions, a little bit of the same ol’ same, or a little bit of excitement, I hope you approach every day with peace in your mind and a heart absolutely wide open to all the gifts around you. If you do nothing else this year, do love and be loved.

With every bit of me,


art of love


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