And So It Begins…

Well friendlies, the season is upon us.

Though it be but 5 degrees outside, and though the snow fall mercilessly day after day, burying our favorite paths and roads in slick and uneven terrain, and though getting dressed for a simple 2 mile run takes 25 minutes and 17 articles of clothing, my 2014 running season officially begins tomorrow morning.


Though I have been doing what some would consider “running” through the winter, it has been mostly limited to the dreadmill in the gym. Which I can only stand for up to 3 miles, so it’s not like I have been putting in great distances since the fall. The dreadmill is, like, the torture I endure so that when the wide open spaces of spring and summer finally open themselves and Minnesotans can crawl out of their homes and look into warmer skies with dreamily blinking eyes, I am ready. Who wants to waste their first few great running days getting back into shape? No thanks.

For me, my personal ‘official’ season is the time from first event to last event. The start, tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day TC 5K, is definitely one of my earliest starts in a while. But it coincides nicely with my Goldy’s 10 Mile training, which just kicked off this week too.

What’s on tap for the season?

Well, tomorrow’s event is the first of 4 in the Twin Cities in Motion TC Summit Challenge. The other races include a St. Patty’s Day 5K (which still has spots available, so you should sign up and run it too!), a 4th of July Half-Marathon (more on how freaked out I am about this another day), and the Twin Cities 10 Mile. I am really excited to be in this challenge, and so glad I didn’t waste any time signing up for it because this baby was the hottest ticket in town. Probably because it gives you a guaranteed entry into the oh-so-coveted TC 10 Mile in October. Otherwise, you are beholden to the lottery system. I believe the guaranteed TC 10 Mile entry is the best swag, but you also get a special challenge jacket and a challenge finisher’s medal. And if you have been to my running shrine hallway lately, you will see that a new medal is exactly the interior decorating addition our home craves right now.

In addition to the TC Summit Challenge, I am running the Goldy’s 10 Mile in mid-April. The course is a bit hillier than I prefer (let us all remember that my interest in running on a semi-regular basis started when I lived in North Dakota), but it is also a beautiful course and a great example of a pretty young race that has a large field of runners and yet is managed well. I am also kicking around a few other events in my head, namely the Get In Gear 10K at the end of April. It is a bit ironic that it is an event designed to get people moving for the season, but (if I run) it would be my 4th event. I am trying to convince my big sister that she could absolutely, totally, and completely train for and successfully run a 10K at the end of April. So if you know her, when you see her tell her she could and should do it because I promised (after I sent her a sample training plan and said, “Look! Easy!”) that I would stop pestering her about it. So, you know, you do it.

And with that, let the miles begin to pile, let the rolling of frozen golf balls under my feet begin to be a weekly routine, let me exclaim at least once or twice a month, “Why do I have all these running shirts?!”, and, most importantly, let runners be allowed to take two post-race cookies. Onward!



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