Reverb 14 | February

From the lovelies over at Project Reverb: Why should December have all the fun?  To keep ourselves inspired, each month the #reverb team will send out a prompt around the middle of the month.  We hope it’s a chance to think about how the month (and the year) is going and to project into the rest of the month (and the year).

Heart | Show us your heart.  Let it all hang out.  When have you thrown yourself into a challenge, or shown/received love?

Let’s keep this light this month. I am at home, enjoying a late February snow day, watching the neighbor’s dog lose his mind in total ecstasy over this latest snowfall (whereas my own dog is wholly unimpressed and feels the only appropriate way to cope is to nap on the couch with two blankets instead of the standard one).

Things I Am Currently Loving

  1. After making a plea for Girl Scout cookies, they have now been made available to me at every turn.
  2. Being able to work from home.
  3. A month or so of really good conversations about interesting topics and some brainstorming on how to keep those conversations going.
  4. The very fit guy at the gym who complimented me on my lifting form & technique and meant it as a genuine compliment, not a sweaty pick up line.
  5. The seasonal sprinkles on the donuts at The Baker’s Wife.
  6. Getting my first opportunity to ski some fluffy fresh powder earlier this week.
  7. A little over halfway through our second winter living together, Aaron and I have perhaps found that the secret to winter happiness is splitting the shoveling duties. We seem to have an understanding now that he will do the driveway and I will do the patio, deck, and sidewalks. If marital bliss were a video game, I feel we have leveled up.
  8. The Olympics. I have never watched more TV in a 10 day period in my life. Except the last Olympics… and the one before that.
  9. Good books. My favorite winter sport is reading.
  10. Being mostly successful at adjusting my schedule to make space for 10 mile training and having successfully completed every workout in the first 3 weeks (as long as I can get out and slog through the snow for 2 miles today).





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