Reverb 14 | March

From the lovelies over at Project Reverb: Why should December have all the fun?  To keep ourselves inspired, each month the #reverb team will send out a prompt around the middle of the month.  We hope it’s a chance to think about how the month (and the year) is going and to project into the rest of the month (and the year).

Luck: Is luck what you get?  Or is luck what you make?  When have you been lucky?  When did you create your own fortune?

The Universe is weird. I got the Reverb prompt in my email a couple days ago, but hadn’t opened it yet, waiting until I had more time to think it through and send some ideas to roll around under the cobwebs of my blogging brain. This morning I posted this to my Facebook:

luck skillSometimes coincidence is just coincidence, and sometimes coincidence is a little freaky.

Is luck what you get or what you make? Yes. And that’s exactly what I meant by my post this morning.

This month there has been some unlucky luck (the kind you really couldn’t do anything about). After a miserably cold and snowy winter, the promise of 50 degrees  seemed like a Godsend. Until God sent an ice dam and a bunch of water in the ceiling. Before that, I sliced my finger open playing Skee-Ball, resulting in what my husband thinks is “a cut” and I think is an all-out mangling of all of the flesh on my precious pinky finger, not to mention an absolute hot bed for bacterial infection.*

But there has also been some lucky skill– this is the kind of luck I was thinking of this morning. I got some lucky, totally-by-chance recognition and opportunities at work simply because I put in a little extra effort. I have been more successful at sticking to my training plan for the Goldy’s 10 Mile in April and my times have shown that the dedication has paid off.

So, is luck just chance or can you be lucky by choice? Probably both, right? Sometimes I really do just get lucky— like when I find money on the ground. Sometimes you get more than what you asked for because you really do deserve it, but it feels lucky. And a lot of times, it’s really about attitude and perspective. Even on the most miserable days, I can honestly say, “Well, it could have been worse.” We can wait for luck by chance or make luck by choice, and that’s actually a pretty empowering idea.

*It is, in fact, somewhere between these two extremes though I stand firm in the fact that the potential for infection was off the charts. Hello, vintage Skee-Ball machine? In a restaurant? I am essentially never further than 20 feet from a tube of Neosporin.


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