Reverb 14 | December 1 | At The Start

At The Start. Where did you start 2014? Give us some background on this year.

2013 was The Year of the Wedding, and I was relieved to put that fully to bed, tuck it in, and kiss it goodnight as we greeted 2014.

But a lot of great things came from all the chaos of 2013 that were important building blocks to how my 2014 started.

2014 started with a calming sense of certainty. I felt so stable and comfortable in my new relationship with Aaron. I didn’t expect marriage to feel so different from a committed dating relationship, especially since we had been living together for a year, but it did feel different. It felt certain and safe and very much like something I did not want to break. Adding that to a stable job I adored and our fantastic little house, I felt unshakeable.

I started 2014 feeling so loved. I have tried many times over to explain how this exactly came to be, but I just can’t put it into words. But, if I ever doubted the power of just plain ol’ love before, I don’t anymore. It gave me the power to worry less about failure and the courage to try something(s) new.

I started 2014 hopefully. I had goals for living my life better, goals for my running and cycling, and I felt hopeful that I could accomplish those things and maintain my flexibility and happiness.


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