Reverb 14| December 14 | One Word

One word. What one word could describe your 2014?

This was the first year since 2008 I wasn’t in some type of transition. Up until now it has been all move to college, move home (x4), get into grad school, move to an apartment, move to another apartment, graduate, move again, defend my thesis, get a boyfriend, move again, get a cat, become a marathoner, lose my job, get a new job, get engaged, buy a house, get a dog, get a husband, get another new job. Exhausting.

This year, there have been tons of great little changes and growth moments, but I have the same house, the same husband, the same pets, the same job, the same car, the same bikes, the same favorite running routes, the same way of folding t-shirts, I sleep on the same side of the bed, I wake up at the same time, I like the same people, I still dislike the same people, I use the same coffee mug at work. Same, same, same. And I like it. I like having one damn year where I do not flip everything upside down. Where I just live this little life I have spent all these years crafting. It’s not done being perfected, but it’s good enough to just sit and enjoy for a few years (which means you can stop asking when we are having kids, okay?).

I looked up antonyms for transition for inspiration for my one word and was disappointed at my options. Idleness? I was not idle (unless I wanted to be)– I was busy running and biking and dreaming up home improvement projects and getting my ladyfriends all married off to their manfriends. Stoppage? It was actually quite the opposite of stoppage, it was continuance. I just continued living my good little life. Stagnation? Decline? End? No, no, no.


My word for 2014 was content. Content with the little places in the world I had carved for myself, content with my home and my work, content with my relationships. Like a turtle in the sunshine.


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