Reverb 14 | December 18 | Ah Ha Moment

Ah ha moment: Did you have an “ah ha” moment this year? Was it a big one? Or just a small enlightenment?

It is Mile 6 of the Twin Cities 10 Mile. I haven’t walked or stopped at a single water station in the hour that I have been running, which is sort of atypical (also, Olympians make drinking water and running at the same time look easy, but I have yet to accomplish it without feeling like I am drowning myself).

My legs feel strong. My heartbeat is quick, but not frantic.

One mile earlier I took down my Nemesis Hill, the one that causes the worst physical pain- the screaming legs and burning lungs. Now I am on the worst hill, mentally and emotionally. The long and gentle rise of Summit Avenue, whose shading trees invite you to slow, maybe even take a rest. We have a history, this hill and I.

But on this day, as I glance down at my watch, and see the pace I have so far set, I ask myself what I have left to give. Will it be enough?

It will be, I said to myself. It will be enough. It is always enough.

It was less an “Ah ha!” moment, and more a “Huzzah!” moment. That moment you know you are about to wildly succeed at something you worked really hard for.

And in the entirety of my life, or even my year, setting a PR in the 10 Mile is really not that big of a deal. In fact, I hope to do it again, rendering this moment much less significant. But for whatever reason, when I asked myself, “When is a day this year where you just ‘got it’? Where everything clicked, even if just for a moment?” I could not get Mile 6 out of my head.


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