Reverb 14 | December 20 | Stuff and Things

Stuff and Things: What products have you discovered this year that you love? Tell us all about them, and why you love them. Become the celebrity spokesperson of whatever it is you like?

What do I have in common with Oprah and Fraulein Maria?

Well, I am not the most independently wealthy woman in the free world and I did not marry Captain Von Trapp. Guess again.

We all have Favorite Things! Maria’s got raindrops on roses and Oprah’s got cars and trips to Australia. Mine are somewhere in the middle (Though who doesn’t love whiskers on kittens and warm woolen mittens? No one. That’s who.).

Here’s the stuff I discovered this year that I cannot get enough of:

  1. Flipbelt. This thing is like a Trapper Keeper. For runners. That you wear. Okay, so it’s nothing like a Trapper Keeper but I regard it with as much enthusiasm as 8 year old Kate regarded the Trapper Keeper. For you non-runners, here is the down low: running clothes, especially for women, are all SUPER tight-fitting and have these teeeeeeny tiny pockets. Like, a place to store some Chiclets but not much bigger than that. But sometimes when I go for a run I need to bring more than Chiclets– like my phone and sometimes some cash (for emergencies). Or, for long runs, a little extra fuel (Tootsie Rolls). All other running belts are like a strap of elastic with dangling pockets. And when you fill those pockets with things, they bounce up and down while you run, which is at best supremely distracting and at worst actually causing bruising. This thing is a tube of stretchy material with slits in it that you slide your stuff into. Once everything is in, you flip it over so the openings are facing your body and your stuff won’t spill all over the running trail. It stays in place, it doesn’t bounce, it is awesome.
  2. Brooks Running Shoes. I bought a pair late last year and loved them. I strayed to another brand and paid for it dearly. I shall not stray. sp_newshoes
  3. Scribd and the library. I read all the time. But I do not have a 30+ books a year budget. My parents got me a subscription to Scribd this year and I love love love having access to all those books! Unfortunately, they don’t have anything, but once I was on a “books for free!” roll, I never wanted to stop, so my love for my local library has been re-kindled and I look forward with a sick glee to the emails telling me the items I have requested are available.
  4. Zubaz.I laughed that a pair of Zubaz was a giveaway at a Twin’s game this summer and I told Aaron we had to go. Dudes. I wear these Zubaz almost daily. Literally the most comfortable pants ever. I even wore them to a holiday fete on accident. excited zubaz sp_zubaz

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