Reverb 14 | December 21 | Purging

Purging: What did you get rid of this year? Physical things you tossed out or donated? Or did you purge a bad relationship, job, etc…?

I have the same problem as probably any/every late 20-something with a career and no kids– an abundance of things. After years of being/feeling broke while I was in school, it was really nice to finally be earning enough money to buy things I wanted. So… I bought everything I wanted (within reason). And then I kept everything I bought, or every gift I received, or every treasure I collected. And I stored it and moved it and added to it.

And now, I look around our house and think, “How did two adults, one large dog, and one mean cat fill 2100 square feet?!

Stuff and things.

This year, I started being more intentional about moving things out. I don’t have a ‘system’ and what I am doing isn’t perfect, but I am considering things differently when I make a purchase:

  • What do I need and does this fulfill that need?
  • Do I already own something that fulfills that need?
  • Is this meant to replace something I already own? What will I do to make sure the old thing is donated/tossed?
  • Does this have more than one functional use? Can I wear this item for many occasions, purposes, etc.?
  • Where will I put or store this item in our house?
  • Will this thing last a long time? Is it high-quality?

And when I am going through the stuff in our house, I am also trying to be more critical:

  • Do I like this? If not, why am I keeping it around?
  • Have I used this/worn this in the last 6 months?
  • Did I know I owned this prior to this very moment?
  • Will I use this again? (i.e. books– will I ever read them again?)
  • Do I own multiple versions of an item that serves the same function and is there are need for so many duplicates?

Like I said, it’s not perfect and in no way will I ever reach a minimalist lifestyle, but it’s been good to really think about all the stuff I have. Next on my hit list is to create better organization and storage in our house so everything can have a place that is accessible and functional.


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