Reverb 14 | December 23 | I Never Thought I’d…

I never thought I’d…: What did you think you’d NEVER do. But you did this year. Why? What changed your mind?

There’s not very many things I say, “I’d never do that,” because I know better. “Never” is a word that practically begs for your plans to get foiled.

But there’s lots of stuff I never thought I’d do because it just didn’t occur to me that I would or could: backpacking and camping in a national park, becoming a bike-commuter, falling in love with downhill skiing, taking art classes, seeing my first opera, taking a class at Harvard, seeing legends like Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan in concert, wearing Zubaz in public (twice).

It has made me think about the concept of the Bucket List. If you write down all the things you want to do, then you spend a lot of time chasing those things. Instead, I’ve been adding things to my Bucket List once they’ve already happened. Thus, I have left nothing unfinished.



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