Reverb 14 | December 24 | Home

Home: Tell us about what home meant to you this year. Are you a homebody? Did you do a renovation?  Move? Redecorate?

Aaron and I debate whether or not I am a “homebody” all the time. I say no, but he says yes.

I do not consistently prefer to stay home over going the places and doing the things. The exception being: once I come home from work and I have changed into pants with an elastic waist, it may very well take an act of God to get me to put button pants on again.

However, I do love our home. And when I spend time there, I love that time. I love the way both the dog and cat like to “snug” on the couch while I read or watch a movie. I love how the hardwood floors tell the story of our home’s long life– the carpet staple scars, the weird neon-orange stain, the spots by the front door worn by guests coming and going for 90 years. I love that the dining room table in the “Bob Dylan Room” tells the story of exactly what we have been up to in the last week– ski bags, running gloves, a stack of library books, receipts. I love that there is a “Bob Dylan Room.” I love the $10 wolf painting we picked up in Yellowstone. I love the giant Keystone Light wall lamp. I love the way the dog scrambles across the slippery floors to the back door when he hears Aaron shut the fence gate. I love when I wake up and Aaron and I and both pets (“the whole fam damily!”) are in the bed. I love that we built our first garden. I love when we have people over and I love quiet movie nights. I love that we have a cardboard cutout of a professional baseball player in the living room.

Home is where we fight and make up. Home is where we plan our adventures. Home is where we wear whatever we want. Home is where we cook for each other. Home is where we dance. Home is the middle of it all.


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