Race Recap: Hot Dash 5K

The Hot Dash 5K is the 2nd race in the TC Summit Challenge. Formerly, the March race of this series was the 100% Irish For a Day 5K (and 10 Mile) and that is what was listed this year when it was time to sign up for the challenge. I did the 100% Irish 10 Mile in 2013 and didn’t really enjoy it, particularly because the course has runners looping Lake Harriet, then Lake Calhoun, and then Harriet again in the same direction. In 2013, I found the return to Harriet for the 2nd loop to be intensely defeating so I knew I wasn’t going to do that again.

Then, in what was a sort of confusing few days, TCM sent emails and announcements about their new race, the Hot Dash, to be held on the same day as the 100% Irish I had already signed up for. At first I thought it was a second race offered in an entirely different location, but it turns out the 100% Irish For a Day was out and in it’s place a flannel-themed, lumberjack-laden event with beer and hot dish served at the end. Though the switch was confusing, I was looking forward to a change in venue (the Hot Dash was in NE Minneapolis) and a non-holiday theme.

Packet Pick-Up

I really think Marathon Sports is a great store. I really think it makes a terrible location for packet pick-up. No parking, a line extending all the way from the back of the store to the front door, and only one volunteer to process runners one at a time. Packet pick-up is “easy” in terms of something that requires very little effort (except for trying to find a parking space), but it was bone-crushingly inefficient. I said it last month and I will say it again, this is not the best location for packet pick-up.

The Shirt

A light grey, quarter zip pullover with the race logo on the front chest. Like last race, not a great fit and the color was not flattering on me. I’ll admit: this shirt is already in the giveaway box…

Race Day

Minnesotans have been very patiently waiting some more Spring-like weather and Saturday did not disappoint. It was still a bit chilly, but the sun felt amazing and it was easy to keep warm while running. Post-race, while waiting for some friends who were running the 10 mile, I started to suffer the cold a bit, but a free beer helped lift my spirits if not warm me up.

A pre-race email said that parking would be available to runners for $3 and I said, “Nope city” to paying for parking and rode my bike to Saint Anthony Main, just across the Mississippi River from downtown Minneapolis. That worked out superbly and I was able to park my bike pretty close to the start area.

The Race!

I made some mistakes in the beginning that probably cost me my goal time (29:59– I am gunnin’ for a sub-30 5K time). I lined up too far back and spent a lot of time weaving in and out of people. And when I didn’t want to weave, I sometimes just accepted someone’s slower pace for a while, even if I knew I would be more comfortable going a little faster. The cost of the weaving was an extra 0.1 miles run, which is probably what cost me most in terms of missing that goal time.

Still, the course was nice, included the Stone Arch Bridge–which is always fun to run across, and had the added challenge of a cobblestone/brick street at the end!


Official: 30:36. Garmin: 30:38. But my Garmin says I ran 3.2 miles, which I am sure I did with all the weaving and carrying on.


  • Mile 1: 9:44
  • Mile 2: 9:40
  • Mile 3: 9.35
  • Mile 3-3.2: 9:02 (pace)

Still a PR, so nothing to shake a stick at. And I still seem to have the hang of this negative splits thing. Let me tell you, not going out as hard as a banshee and then bonking spectacularly at the midway point has really made running events a lot more fun…

On Sunday I did a 5 mile training run and really felt pretty good. So far, I think the prognosis for Goldy’s 10 (in a month!) and the Lake Minnetonka Half is positive.


One thought on “Race Recap: Hot Dash 5K”

  1. Great race recap, Kate! I ran the 10 mile and agree this course is so much better than the Calhoun/Harriet loops!


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