(Also known as, Returning to Blogging After 20 Months Off by Writing Every Single Day. Oy!)

In 2010, I joined a little blogging movement called Reverb, in which bloggers from around the world answered a prompt every day in the month of December. The prompts are meant for writers to reflect on the year that is coming to a close and dream/plan/project for the year to come.

When I heard about Reverb in 2010, it felt like a perfect time for me to take a month and really reflect on the year in which my formal education came to a close, my career started, and the first seed idea of running a marathon had been planted. You can read Reverb 10 posts here.

But in December 2011, I realized that was the year I needed to really reflect. As the clock literally struck midnight and we rang in 2011, I was completely unaware that I was falling in love and that a simple, thoughtful text message 2 days later would likely change the trajectory of my life forever. I had my first sip of true wilderness and have wanted to keep drinking from that cup since. I completed my first (and so far only) marathon battered but not broken. You can read my Reverb11 posts here.

When December 2012 rolled in, I laughed at how naive I had been the previous two years, because 2012 had been The Year and Reverb was going to be vitally important to putting it all together. I started 2012 unemployed, terrified, depressed, and feeling broke. I ended it fully employed, engaged, as a homeowner, and with a new dog. A total 180. You can read my Reverb12 posts here.

In 2013, the pattern continued and I felt so strongly that this was the Most Important Year. We had gotten married, gone adventuring, I had changed jobs. There was so much happening that I felt like it needed all to get captured ASAP. You can read my Reverb 13 posts here.

In 2014, I grew a bit busier and a bit weary of Reverb. Perhaps, for the first time in 5 years the lack of major life changes was a welcome slowing of life’s pace and left me uninterested in adding to the stress of the holiday season by also trying to write a blog post every day. I didn’t even finish the posts for the year, skipping the final week of December, because presumably by the end of the holidays I had simply Had Enough. You can read the incomplete set of Reverb14 posts here.

In 2015, I stopped blogging in April. I don’t know why. Maybe I was finding myself uninteresting, or the fact that I am a creature of habit means that my posts tend to get repetitive. I like doing the same stuff over and over and over again. You probably don’t want to read about it over and over and over again.

2016 has been A Year. I am not entirely sure I have the words for it. But I am hoping that returning to Reverb, which is an exercise that really gets at the core of who I am– a storyteller, I will find the words to process. It hasn’t been all bad, but it hasn’t been all good. It has been at times confusing and frustrating and defeating. I am hoping for a full comeback, but it doesn’t always feel promised like it has in years past. Like every year before it, I am holding this feeling that this has been a defining year in my life. The pattern that every year feels defining has not been lost on me– a good reminder not to take these passing days for granted.

I am so looking forward to sharing my thoughts on the year with you and looking forward to 2017 (Because “Bye, Felicia!” to 2016, right?!). I hope you will read along, blog along, journal along, or find another way to reflect on the year you’ve had.

All the love,




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