Reverb16 | December 4 | Deck the Halls!

Deck the Halls: Show us your holiday decor! If you don’t celebrate during this season, show us your favorite year-round home decor item.

It is not a secret to anyone that I do not particularly enjoy the holiday season. I used to, and every year I intend to try hard to re-enjoy it, but it never quite works out. It is stressful for me and I spend most of my time between Thanksgiving and the new year trying not to have a nervous breakdown. Some years I have come dangerously close to failing and spend hours looking at the price of airfare to Puerto Rico. On particularly bad days, I have investigated one-way ticket options.

But I will admit, I do like decorating our home for the holidays. Our everyday decor does not have much of a theme, or rather the theme is “we live here and this is our stuff! huzzah!” I like when all the holiday stuff gives us a matching look for a few weeks.

I like that my cat, who doesn’t like anything, likes the Christmas tree.


Mostly I like the lights. The tiny lights on the tree– about 700 of them, the globe lights on the mantle (that I like so much I keep up year round now), the lights on the bike wheel wreath. I don’t know the word for that feeling you get when you’re in a space with just strings and strings of little lights but it is definitely a different feeling. Maybe it makes things feel less heavy or more animated; maybe it’s the softness and forgiveness of the light. What it is, I feel it whenever I am under hundreds of tiny lights and I love bringing that into my home.



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