Reverb16 | December 8 | The Griswolds

The Griswolds. Family is everything- a gift, a struggle, an unpredictable mess. Give us your Griswolds story that would end in #wearethegriswolds.

[100% not really related to the rest of this post: If you would like two grown-ass adults to recite the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation film in it’s entirety, please call my father and me. We’ve probably tried to recite the whole thing beginning to end, but usually have ended up laughing so hard we are dangerously close to passing out, so we had to quit. “Merry Christmas! Shitter’s full!”]

Whenever I hear the word ‘family’ I immediately think of my family of origin– my parents and my older sister. Maybe our extended family out about one degree– my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins.

I often overlook that Aaron and I are also a family unit. I think the world often overlooks this because we don’t have kids and it’s easy to forget that even as just a family of two we have our own culture, norms, and behavior patterns.

When it comes to family communication, Aaron and I probably have plenty of room to grow. But it’s not like we don’t communicate. We just only really prioritize communication on The Shit That Matters. Related, we each have a pretty high tolerance for Shit That Matters (and Aaron’s is extremely high), so a lot of stuff happens to or around us that doesn’t hit that threshold and thus doesn’t get communicated very well. It has resulted in some conversations between us that go something like:

“Hey, Aaron? Do you have a trombone choir concert this weekend? Like, in two days?!”
“Oh. Yeah.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?!”
“Well, you didn’t ask.”

“What did you do today?”
“Stuff and things.”
“Right on.”
[Literally no more discussion of the day]

It also results in a lot of conversations with others that go something like this:

“Yeah, I am free that night. Aaron won’t be home.”
“Oh, what’s Aaron up to?”
“I have no idea.”

“Hey, thanks for letting us borrow [insert useful or funny item here]. Aaron brought it over the other night. We’ll return it soon.”
“Yeah, no problem. I didn’t even know we own an [insert useful or funny item here].”

Or when we had our bathroom remodeled this summer and the contractor brought over some tile and asked me:

“Is this the shower head you wanted?”
“I don’t know. Is it what Aaron sent you?”
“Well, yeah. I think so. That’s why I picked it up. Didn’t you guys pick it out together?”
“No dude. You gotta talk to Aaron. I have no idea what he wants.”
“Well, this is the price…”
“Yeah, you still gotta talk to Aaron. His shower head. His cash. I have literally no idea.”

Is it perfect? No. Are we? No.

Is it working? Yes. Are we? Yes.



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