Reverb16 | December 22 | Anchor

Today’s prompt is supposed to be about a holiday party gone wrong, but I don’t really have a distinct story and I think this post would then just become a long, sad rant about how hard it feels to make anyone happy over the holidays. So, I picked a different prompt from year’s past.

Anchor. What kept you tethered in 2016?

The most awesome part of my marriage is that it is to a man who is always redefining himself and striving for better, faster, stronger in himself and in our relationship. You will often hear us say the phrase “hashtag, no plateau” to each other. It is a reminder to each other and ourselves to never get too comfortable, to never stop, and to always want what comes next.

For us, the saying “the only thing that is constant is change” is very real.

And in the midst of all that change– some unexpected and turbulent, and some quieter and planned– he remains my anchor. This year maybe more than any other. Thank God for his candor, his patience, his ambition, and his subtle love.




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