Reverb16 | December 25 | Picture

A picture is worth 1,000 words. Show us one picture that sums up your day, your family, what you are thankful for, what is important to you.

I didn’t take many pictures on Christmas Eve (besides the one drinking beers in a ski chalet) or Christmas Day. While I wasn’t in a social media blackout like I often do over some holidays, I was enjoying just being fully present in the celebrations.

While Christmas Eve was a flurry of activities– breakfast and gifts with His Family, skiing, dinner and gifts with Her Family, candlelight church service– Christmas Day was not. It was quiet. We went to my sister’s house for breakfast, in which my contribution would also make a great children’s book. The title would be, “The Cat Ate My Coffee Cake!” We celebrated a collection of my niece’s earliest steps. We opened lovely, thoughtful gifts. We drank coffee and told stories. It was everything about spending time with my family that spending time with my family has always been– comfortable, relaxed, reflective, funny.

We went home and had a relaxing day, just the two of us. I spent approximately 7 hours hunched over a jigsaw puzzle. Aaron was doing something with power tools. The animals, crazed by the packages and ribbons strewn about the house, chased and played. It was everything about spending time at home that spending time in our home has always been– comfortable, a little bit noisy, funny.

Unrelated: My dad did snap this picture and it’s not the worst photo of a person who’s kinda, sorta okay (wink, wink). 

Image may contain: one or more people and baby


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