Reverb16 | December 26 | Boxing Day

Boxing Day. What does this holiday even mean? I think Harry Potter does it. But how do we unwind after the holiday?

I think my exact words were, “Do you know what today is?! It’s the furthest from the holidays we are going to be for the whole year. Every day is another step closer to the holidays. UGH.”

In truth, this was one of the better holiday seasons I have had in several years. I still Lost My Shit over it a couple of times in the final week, but it was better this year. We tried some new things in terms of celebrations and traditions and it was hard sometimes and it might not all stick but we tried. And our families tried, presumably out of love for us. Or because they were afraid I would finally really lose it completely. Whatever it is, I am here to put in The Written Word that I see that you tried, I acknowledge it, and I so greatly appreciate it– it was The Best Gift.

We spent the latter half of Christmas Day unwinding (hello, jigsaw puzzle and whiskey) and I more or less carried that exact mood and activity into Boxing Day with a brief trip to the outdoors store to buy a patch kit for the deluxe sleeping pad I recently bought for myself and then brought on a camping trip that included the dog. The deluxe sleeping pad now sports a gnarly 6-8 inch gash, courtesy of a dog that was just so happy to greet me in the morning that he ruined my things with enthusiasm.

I like to use this gap week between Christmas and the New Year to unwind my year and also prepare for the next one. I purchased a new planner [choir of angels sings the hallelujah chorus here], I am cleaning and organizing the house a bit, and I am setting goals for 2017. We don’t get a lot of fresh starts in life, especially in adulthood, so it feels good to take advantage of one when I can get it.


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