Reverb16 | December 30 | Undone

What did you leave undone? Do you intend to try again in 2017 or let it go?

Lot’s of things were left undone this year. On this day, I am okay saying that is The Way it Was for 2016.

The one that really slipped through my fingers this year was running the Twin Cities Marathon. I was close. Like, really close to having that happen. Due to a delayed training start after getting sick in the spring, I had to abandon some of my time goals and reshift to just a goal of finishing. Which, frankly, is enough for me.

August was a difficult training month. The weekday runs were getting in to the 6-8 mile range one to two times a week, and I was feeling pressure to find the time for those as well as my other obligations. Then the weather took an expected but still unwelcome turn for the hot and humid. A few times I told myself that training through some of that would make me stronger, but the runs were of such low quality I had to bring some training indoors. Running 8 miles on the treadmill in the gym at your workplace is… is probably not good for your spiritual health, to put it mildly. My 14 and 15 mile long runs were sufferfests, the 15 miler bringing my first good mid-run cry (at a busy intersection around mile 9).

And then the next week my 16 miler went by like a dream. The weather had finally cooled, the day was a bit rainy, I was calm and peaceful and it felt almost easy.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up the next morning to an ankle the size of a grapefruit. Two days later, an MRI confirmed some good news/bad news. I didn’t break, twist, or tear anything. But I did irritate the heck out of something because the entire ankle joint was filled with inflammation.

I was sentenced to the boot.

On the same day, my new running shoes– my marathon shoes– arrived in the mail. Neat.


Even though it was only a two-week sentence, it came at exactly the worst time in marathon training, and I didn’t have the time to recover my training plan. The marathon would be left undone for me. The last (I think) of the long string of defeats brought to me in 2016.

Will I go back at it in 2017? I honestly don’t know. I am about 90% yes and then also 90% no, depending on the day. Marathon training is hard and time-sucking. I feel like I neglect my house and spouse a lot during the training, and make him skip out on some things to accommodate my weekend long runs. It’s hard to add in the other activities that bring me joy because I am always running.

Will I go back at it someday? Probably. Once you get the high of finishing a marathon, you don’t forget that feeling. And eventually, you go looking for it again.



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