Wedding Wednesday: First Wedding of the Season

On Saturday, the wedding season officially kicked off for us and we celebrated the union of Liz and Josh– a high school friend of Aaron’s, fellow Twins fans, and all-around lovely people. Aaron, looking dapper in a tux, was a groomsman.

I have always loved weddings– even when I only vaguely understood the concept. As a kid, weddings were an excuse to get a new dress, entertain my extended family with my latest adventures, and eat cake and chocolates. Once I became a teenager, the romance and daydreaminess of it all was so exhilirating and I couldn’t help myself from thinking, “When I get married…” And then I started attending the weddings of my friends, and that is maybe when I really learned what it meant to be so. darn. excited. for someone. I loved the love stories, I loved seeing my friends so happy, I loved dancing with them and for them and raising a toast to Happily Ever After.

We attended a wedding last fall right after we were engaged and I was still in a “get a house, get engaged” blur. It had not yet sunk in that in over a year, we would be walking down the aisle. And maybe that is because, at that time, we still so much time– our wedding was still an abstraction and a Pinterest board. But this weekend, even though our wedding is 6 months away yet, it is starting to feel like it is just around the corner. The last few weeks have been a little bit stressful as we begin to hammer out some actual details and look for vendors, but Saturday reminded me how much fun October 5th is going to be. And the effort will be worth it. And we will sweat, but not over the details, but because we are dancing with such abandon and ruckus.

The happiness and excitement that surrounded Liz and Josh put that in perspective for me– sooner than later I will (unfortunately) forget the lovely details of their wedding, but I will not forget how much fun we had and how fortunate it is to be a part of someone’s Very Important, Kind of a Big Deal Day. I am now ridiculously excited to continue choosing things that feel so “us” for our own wedding and I cannot wait for our friends and family to be all together sharing stories and laughing and dancing and being merry with us in celebration.

171 days to go!


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